Le programme entier en un coup d’œil!

Les keynotes speakers

Thursday 22nd April

From 07:30 and throughout the day: Registration at CICG

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speaker: Roberto Saviano

Thursday 22.04 – 09:00 Plenary Conference Room 2

The Italian journalist Roberto Saviano will launch the debates. At only 31 years of age, Roberto Saviano became famousfor his in-depth investigations of the mafia circle, and in particular, that of the Neapolitan Camorra. During months, this writer and competent investigator delved into this dangerous world in order to decode its functioning, its clans, and its economic logic. The result of this work is the publication of a bestselling book entitled “Gomorrah”, with five million copies sold, and a cinematic adaptation, in 2008.

Friday 23rd April

Keynote Speaker: Seymour Hersh

Friday 23.04 – 09:00 Plenary Conference Room 2

Seymour Hersh

Moderator: Brant HOUSTON (Investigative News Network, USA)

One of the most awarded investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh has accepted the invitation made by the GIJC 2010 to be a keynote speaker in Geneva. Known as early as 1969 to be the journalist who broke the My Lai scandal in Vietnam, Seymour Hersh has more recently exposed the Abu Graib scandal. Hersh has published eight books, including, most recently, “Chain of Command” which was based on his reporting on Abu Ghraib for The New Yorker. It is the first time that Seymour Hersh will speak at a GIJC.

Saturday 24th April

Keynote speaker: Stephen Engelberg (Propublica, USA)- Financing the future of investigation: Old hands, new tricks in the USA

Saturday 23.04 – 09:00 Plenary Conference Room 2

William Buzenberg (Center for Public Integrity, USA), Mark Schapiro (Center for Investigative Reporting USA)

Moderator: Margo SMIT (Dutch-Flemish Association Of Investigative Journalists)

A response to the economic challenges that investigative journalists face. Formed of former big names of the NYT and Wall Street Journal, and equiped with a considerable launching fund, an account of ProPublica’s latest experience. And finally the assessment of those who, over the last couple of years, have found their own business models.

Sunday 25th April

Keynote speaker: Montazer Al Zaïdi (New Tv cenal, Iraq)
From prison to glory: The story of the shoe-thrower

Sunday 25.04 – 09:00Plenary Conference Room 2

Moderator: Olivier KOHLER (Radio Télévision Suisse, Switzerland)

Al Arabya’s journalist, Montazer Al Zaïdi, unleashed various reactions after he famously threw his shoe at George Bush. What we may not realise is that Montazer is also a respectable and brave journalist, who has worked in-depth on the suffering of Iraqi civilians.