About us

The Swiss investigative network is a non lucrative organisation whose goal is to promote a professional exchange between the Swiss investigative reporters and their foreign colleagues. We are trying as well to facilitate the access to data and documents and promote good practice in investigative reporting. The network is informal, flexible and non–administrative, and its activity mainly revolves around the following site Swiss Investigation.

Members of the network must have a Swiss professional reporter registration card and everybody is welcome, as long as he or she thinks his or her own skills are useful to international colleagues.

The Swiss network has been supported from the start by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (TSR), the Ringier Group and the Formation Continue des Journalistes.

The President of the Conference organising Comitee is Jean-Philippe Ceppi, the vice-president is Roland Rossier and the executive secretary is Guy Mettan. And also: Monique Beuchat, Chrystel Dayer, Francesco Casabianca, Marlène Magloire, Paola Villa, Amel Béji and Mandavi Singh.

The  editorial group is: Luc Debraine, Dominique Strebel, Daniel Favre, Stéphane Koch, Luis Vazquez, Julie Zaugg, Monica Fahmy, Martin Stoll, Thierry Hartmann, Anne-Frédérique Widmann, Olivier Dessibourg, Frédéric Koller, Nadia Bonjour, Anna Lemmenmeier, Christian Campiche, Philippe Lugassy, Magalie Goumaz, Denis Etienne, Thérèse Obrecht, André Loersch, Natalie Bougeard, Marie Maurisse, Annick Noirfalisse, Luigino Canal, Fabio Lo Verso, Frédéric Burnand, Carole Vann, Jamil Chade, Tybalt Felix, Patrick Vallelian, Alain Jourdan and Gilles Labarthe.