Tip sheets and abstracts

You can dowload here some of the Powerpoints and presentations of our speakers. We will complete this page until the end of the 6th Global conference of investigative journalism.

How To Organize An Investigative Desk

Download Hermien Y. Kleden's (Tempo Weekly News Magazine, Indonesia) presentation.

CAR: Data -driven journalism: Can digging into data help to finance investigative journalism?

Mirko Lorenz (European Journalism Centre - ECJ) summarises his Computer Assisted Reporting session.

Fixed Elections in Olympic-Land

Rainer Fleckl and Eric Vogl (Der Kurier, Austria) revealed how certain consultancies would have obtained money from the city of Salzbourg, in order to influence votes in favour for the city’s candidacy for the Olympic Games. Download their presentation in German.

The Truth about Tax Havens

Santiago Fascetto (La Prensa, Panama) summarises his investigation into the funds of Panama’s ex-president, Ernesto Pérez Balladares

Presentation in English Presentation in Spanish

Reporting on Tasers: Using science and data to cut through the hype

Download Sandra Bartlett’s (CBC Radio News, Canada) advice regarding her investigation on the use of tasers in Canada.

How to fight animal cruelty with a hidden camera

Per Hermanrud (TV4 Sweden, Sweden) filmed in bird farms the brutal suffering of thousands of birds. Consult his presentation and recommendations.

Presentation “Working undercover – or – How do you become a good liar?”

Tipsheet “Hidden Camera”

From prison to glory: the story of the shoe-thrower

Here you can find summary in Arab of Muntazer Al Zaidi’s presentation

How to investigate without putting your sources in danger

Mohammed Al-Ahmady (Al Ghad, Yemen), Dilrukshi Handunnetti (Freelance, Sri Lanka) and John Allan Namu share their recommendations.

When the bank is in the Church

Download the document that exposes the key points of the investigation led by Giannina Segnini (La Nación, Costa Rica) on the Catholic Church’s banks in Costa Rica.

On the same panel, find the presentation and list of recommendations from Leo Sisti (L’Espresso, Italy).

Presentation “How to investigate the Vatican’s finances”

List of recommendations (Tipsheet)

European Business Models for Investigative Journalism

Brigitte Alfter (European Fund for Investigative Journalism, Beligum) exposes the stakes of investigative journalism in Europe.

Revealing the methods of secret services

The Ecuadorian journalist Arturo Torres (El Comercio, Ecuador) unfortunately had to cancel his panel. Nonetheless, he shared with us a brief summary of his investigation on the Columbian secret service and their infiltration within the FARC. You can also see a summary of his journalistic experience here.

Investigating Arms Dealers – The Patria Case

Find here two presentations form journalists Blaz Zgaga (Freelance, Slovenia) and Magnus Berglund (Finnish Television, Finland)

“The Truth About Patria: Patria Bribed Janez Jansa”

“Did Patria bribe Janez Jansa?"

Historical investigation

You can find here the presentation of Duc Tue Dang, journalist in Vietnam, about investigating the battle of Dien Bien Phu. The document is in french.

Investigating UBS

Download here the presentation of Lukas Haessig about UBS affair and see his methods of investigation.

Secret services in Putin's Russia

Find here the presentation of Adrei Soldatov. And you can also download the presentation of Irina Borogan, journalist for Agentura.ru

The danger of investigating in Russia

Here is the english presentation of Richard Behar, the american journalist who founded the "Klebnikov project", about the murder of colleagues in Russia.

"Chronology of the Paul Klebnikov Murder Case"

"Chronology of the Anna Politkovskaya Murder Case"

Investigating the "people" in your country

That is the Powerpoint presentation of the finnish journalist Tuomo Pietiläinen about "investigating rich and famous". You can also see a summary of his journalistic experience here.

Here is the presentation of Jon Beveridge, journalist in the Sunday Times about "investigating people".

Investigative journalism in emerging countries

Margo Smit, from the Dutch-Flemish Association Of Investigative Journalists, gives ten fundraising tips for African investigative stories. The document is in english.

How to investigate gangs in Africa

Find the presentation in english of John-Allan Namu, journalist of Kenya Television Network (KTN). The panel took place on saturday, the 24h of april in Room 4.

Investigating the gangs

Download the presentation of the brasilian TV journalist, Marcelo Moreira, about the gangs in Brasilian favelas.

Eric Lemus (Freelance / BBC Mundo / LaPagina.com.sv, El Salvador) shares his methods for investigating street gangs in Salvador.

Radio investigation

Solomon Adebayo, journalist for Radio Nigeria, gives his advices in english to make an investigation for the radio.

Download advice and recommendations from Susanne Reber (National Public Radio, USA)

How China buys the world

This is the presentation, in english, of Richard Behar, an american journalist and president of "project Klebnikov".

Extracting scandals from the mining industry

This is the presentation, in english, of Mary Akuffo. She is journalist in Ghana, and she was the speaker of the panel "Extracting scandals from the mining industry, on saturday, the 24th of april, in Room 18.

Discover John Grobler’s (The Namibian, Namibia) investigation on the mining industry in Namibia.

Story-based Inquiry

This document presents the advices (in english) of Mark Hunter to sell, organise and compose your project. This panel took place on thursday, the 22th of april, in Room 4.

"Project management with Story-Based Inquiry"

Investigating for television

Philippe Delbos, journalist for french Television, gives some advices to make an investigation for television. The document is in french.

CAR documents

You can find here some links which will help you to make some researches on the web.

How TV will pay for your work

Here is the presentation in french of Stéphane Haumant, chief redactor of the program "Special investigation", which is broacasted on the french private tv Canal +.

Crowdsourcing : when the people investigate

Here is the Powerpoint of the presentation given by Jana Wuyts, who is journalist in the belgian media Het Nieuwsblad.

Horror of narco-decapitations

Panel of mexican journalist Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez had to be cancelled. But he had prepared a text for his coming in Geneva. You can download here his presentation about "The horror of narco-decapitations, narration and alternative investigation".

At the heart of piracy

Yesterday, we could assist to an incredible panel about the enquest of two young kenyan journalists, Fatuma Noor (Nairobi Star) and Kassim Mohamed (Star Radio). They have both worked on somalian pirates organisation and finances. You can download Fatuma Noor presentation, her Powerpoint, and the Powerpoint of Kassim Mohamed.

Presentation (pdf)

Piracy (powerpoint)

Piracy (pdf)

Kassim (powerpoint)

Kassim (pdf)

Investigating climate change

On Thursday 22th of April took place the panel "The lobby that tried to kill Copenhagen : investigating climate change". You can download here the presentation of one of the speaker, Kate Willson, from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in the USA.